ACT Aspire
High school students take quarterly ACT Aspire interim assessments to gauge relative academic strengths and areas for growth. The ACT Aspire end-of-year assessment provides each student with a projected ACT score that’s used to set and monitor individualized growth and proficiency goals.

Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus (IC) is our network-wide Student Information System (SIS). It’s where we store nearly all information about our students, including contact details, enrollment history, grades, schedules, allergies, and attendance. Having everything in one place allows us to easily find the information we need, and keeps our operations running smoothly for kids and families. Though Infinite Campus is new for the 2015-16 school year, we gathered historical information from our previous systems and moved it in—so IC provides campuses with records going back to the start of Hiawatha, all securely stored in one place.

Pearson Access
PearsonAccess is the platform used to administer the annual Minnesota Common Assessments (MCAs), Minnesota’s state accountability tests for public schools, and the Optional Local Purpose Assessments (OLPAs), diagnostic tests generally used as a practice MCAs. Teachers can also use PearsonAccess to view current and previous years’ MCA results for their current students.

Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)
Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a literacy benchmarking and progress monitoring platform. Students take benchmarks three times per year.

Microsoft SharePoint is how Hiawatha Academies shares documents, files and other resources network-wide.


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