Families joining Hiawatha Academies are all asked to sign a Commitment to Excellence Contract, that binds us in our shared vision for our scholars.

Student’s Commitment

At Hiawatha Collegiate High School, we will work together to ensure all students are prepared with the knowledge and habits to experience success in college and beyond.   We know that the expectations set forth for us are high, but we believe they are high for a reason, and we commit to pushing ourselves every day so that we move closer and closer toward achieving our goals.  

  • We commit to exploring our world with curiosity. We will extend beyond personal boundaries even when that might be uncomfortable and make new relationships, engage in new experiences, and think deeply about ourselves and our connections to one another and to our world.   
  • We commit to operating with optimism. We want our every day to be better than the last, and we believe that with the right inputs, it can be.  We are in control of those inputs, and we commit to contributing to our community in a positive and helpful manner.
  • We commit to acting with grit.  We will try new things, regardless of how difficult they may at first seem, and we will work until we see the result we want.  When we fail, we will reflect on why we failed, change our approach, and try again.   
  • We commit to living with gratitude in our hearts.  We understand that the success we experience comes from us, as well as those who have believed in us and helped us throughout our lives.  We are grateful for all we experience, celebrations and challenges, as we understand that being grateful connects us to our community and allows us to live a more positive life.