As part of our commitment to developing the character of our scholars, Hiawatha Collegiate High School engages in community service projects. Each Hiawatha Academies school chooses from a variety of local organizations and projects in their own communities to support through volunteering, fundraising, and other opportunities.

For HCHS scholars, community service is built into the curriculum, and a requirement for high school graduation.

Parent volunteers

Why Community Service?

The goal of our community service program is to foster social consciousness in our young leaders that will lead them to action throughout their lives, and encourage them to appreciate the interdependence of all people. Through hands-on participation in community service,

  • We give our scholars more opportunities to be healthy, happy and responsible members of our communities.
  • We offer valuable life lessons as scholars join their families and teachers, and staff members in community service activities.
  • We build strong relationships within the community, keeping our scholars and Hiawatha Collegiate High School as vital, contributing members of the communities we reside in.

Community Service Four-Year Plan

For the duration of studies at HCHS, scholars will meet incremental benchmarks in community service that build on existing service skills gained the previous year.

  • Year 1 – School provides opportunities for community service
  • Year 2 – School facilitates opportunities for service
  • Year 3 – Students initiate finding opportunities for service
  • Year 4 – Students lead service opportunities for selves and others