Student schedule

Below is a sample schedule for incoming 9th graders.

7:30-8:10 Breakfast (Student Choice)
8:15-8:35 AM Advisory
8:39-9:43 A1/B1
9:47-10:51 A2/B2
10:55-11:59 A3/B3
12:03-12:33 Lunch
12:37-1:07 Lab
1:11-2:15 A4/B4
2:19-3:23 A5/B5
3:27-3:45 PM Advisory
3:50-4:20 Office Hours (Student Choice)
4:20-4:50 Sports/Clubs (Student Choice)
5:00-5:30 Sports/Clubs (Student Choice)

How this schedule supports learning

We intentionally developed the schedule to support student learning and development, for example:

Block scheduling

The blocks allow for more work time in class so students can practice what they’ve learned while the teacher’s available to monitor their work and reinforce the lessons.

Later start

Research shows that the adolescent brain ‘turns on’ significantly later than the child brain. Our start time gives scholars a longer night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a time to mentally prepare for the day.

Earlier end time

This gives scholars the time they need to complete their homework (1-3 hours per night), spend time with family, eat a healthy dinner, participate in clubs and sports, and get to bed at a reasonable time.

Longer day

Many of our students are coming to high school with academic gaps. We need more time to fill to help them catch up and become college ready.

After school time

Students who need extra time with teachers can attend optional office hours (3:50 – 4:20) and still join club meetings or sports practices afterwards. Students who fail to complete their homework can do so during the 6th hour, in lieu of participation in club meetings and practices.

Student choice

The schedule empowers students to make choices about what activities they participate in (breakfast time, clubs, etc.) and holds them accountable for meeting their obligations (homework completion, etc.). Giving high school students choices and consequences is developmentally appropriate.